Danielle Nordeen holds her 7-year-old son's hand in a park near their Grand Junction home. (Photo by Joe Mahoney/Rocky Mountain PBS I-News)

Help hard to find for people with mental illnesses and their families

By Kristin Jones

Rocky Mountain PBS I-News

Danielle Nordeen drives a 16-year-old Toyota Camry that doesn’t handle well on snowy mountain passes. In January, Nordeen had to make the drive from her home in Grand Junction to Pueblo often enough that she developed a strategy: Find a semi with its hazard lights on and follow it closely, prompting the other drivers to direct their wrath toward the trucker rather than her.

The Baird family of Golden received a cancellation notice for their health insurance last fall. They were able to buy a similar plan.

Colorado allows canceled health plans through 2015

By Katie Kerwin McCrimmon Colorado will allow about 100,000 people who kept previously canceled health insurance plans to extend them until the end of 2015, but very few health insurance companies are likely to keep selling the plans. Fury last fall over canceled health insurance prompted President Obama to decide that people could keep canceled…